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Helping Small and Large Business With Security and Monitoring Since 2001
The Team At BTL Understands The Unique Needs Of Your
High Value, High Security Needs

We started way back in 2001.  Bobby Standley is the founder…and he’s still running the ship today. 

He started because he knew that most people aren’t security or monitoring experts BUT he saw a lot of folks getting taken advantage of by the companies.  They were milking the customer with price and then giving them bottom of the barrel product with no follow up service. 

Unfortunately we still see that today.  So just like when we started, our goal is to provide our clients with the latest technology, give them the highest security and peace of mind possible at a great value, and give them great service after the sale. 

In 2016 we saw the obvious need to bring this model of high tech and great value to the medical marijuana businesses and that’s how BTL began. 

We understand projects where high security and money intermingles with employees and customers and it ALL needs to be monitored and tracked. 

We work with everything from hospitals to restaurants, transit corporations and even the city of San Francisco. 

So when your business needs absolute security and risk reduction – that’s our sweet spot.